Art in Portrait Photography

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Types of Art:

Portrait Photography and Art 101

Photography is a great way to preserve memories. Portrait Photography involves taking a picture of a person or group. People often hire portrait photographers for various events.

However, photographers sometimes take pictures and later resell them. Portrait photographers are paid based on their skill level. Individuals who are new to the profession will not get paid as much as someone who has been established as an expert in the field.

There is not just one type of portrait photography. Rather, there are many styles. Each style of portrait photography is used for a different purpose. A skilled photographer will know which style to use for each occasion.

It is important for a photographer to take lighting into consideration for each portrait. If the lighting in is not taken into consideration, then the photo may turn out blurry. However, if proper lighting is used, the portrait will be clear vibrant.


Portrait photography is often used in a formal setting. Formal photography involves taking pictures of an individual while they are wearing business attire. This is done for several reasons.

This type of photography is usually done for trade publications or advertisements. Formal pictures are important when a business is presenting itself to potential clients.

If a company does not have any formal photos, then potential clients may question if the company is dedicated to providing a professional service. However, if the company does have formal pictures, they will be seen as trustworthy.


Posed portrait photography involves a photographer taking a picture of someone in a certain pose. This type of photography can is done for several reasons. Posed photography is often done as part of a photo shoot.


During the photo shoot, the photographer will take several pictures of someone in several different poses. These photos are often used in magazines or television ads.

However, anyone can hire a photographer to take posed portraits. Posed photography can create amazing family portraits. Some families will have this type of portrait done every year and create a timeline. It is also common for couples to have posed portraits taken.


Candid portraits are photographs of people that are taken when the photographer has no control over the environment. Sometimes the individuals being photographed don’t even know their picture is being taken. However, this is not always the case.

Candid portraits are taken to document people behaving naturally. For a portrait to be considered candid, the individuals being photographed must ignore the camera. If they are posing for the camera, the picture is not candid.

Candid portraits can be used in travel documentaries. Candid portraits allow a photographer to capture an activity or environment without drawing attention to himself.

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