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The word boudoir sounds both intimate and sexy; it is the French word for a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room.

Boudoir photography allows that intimate and sexy moment to be captured forever, and it’s a popular way to show that special someone the woman you want to portray. A lot of celebrities book appointments for boudoir sessions, but you don’t have to be a big star to feel free and comfortable in your own body. Singer Demi Lovato is a great example of stripping away the layers. The dark-haired beauty recently released her new album called, Confident, with a sensual cover of herself.

Demi, who suffered from eating disorders for years, also just posed nude for Vanity Fair magazine.

“It’s empowering, and it shows other women that you can get to a place where you can overcome the obstacles of body-image issues, and you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin,” Demi revealed.

The beauty of boudoir photography is in the artistic expression you wish to deliver. You are either partially clothed, in lingerie or nude as you pose. You can look naughty, romantic, sensuous or even serious; it’s your choice and your moment. Many women love giving their partner a boudoir photo collection for their wedding or anniversary, but it doesn’t have to mark a special occasion. A lovely boudoir session can be arranged for your eyes only at any time you feel.

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There are photographers who specialize in erotic photos and offer the client a hair stylist and makeup artist for that professional touch. You want to appear comfortable in front of the camera, so talking to the photographer before hiring him or her is key. You should have an idea of what he or she has in mind for your session. Plus, you should ask to see the photographer’s recent boudoir portfolio and decide if his or her aesthetic eye is pleasing to you. Some wedding photographers also take boudoir photos and can consider your session as part of the entire wedding package.

Prices for a boudoir photography session will vary from city to city along with the extras you desire. There is lighting to consider, props and several set changes, maybe renting out an expensive hotel room, choosing lingerie, jewelry, a styling team, and so forth. You are in control; you can make this session as personal as you like.

Some women would prefer providing their own lingerie and accessories at the photo session, as it allows their personality to emerge during the sexy snapshots. Experts also advise that the client bring something personal that belongs to their partner, so that they can pose with the item. For example, a woman might want to wear nothing but her husband’s favorite tie or baseball cap for more intimacy.

You don’t have to choose just one look, either. A collection of erotic poses might feature you in several costumes or ensembles. You can pick up excellent ideas for your boudoir shots by perusing magazines like Maxim and Esquire, which often feature famous actresses and models in lacy bras, wearing nothing but a hat or posing seductively behind a pillow. etc. Women like Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian, Zoey Saldana, Kate Beckinsale, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston are just a few of the famous faces and bodies forever captured in sexy, boudoir photos.

Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood are two of the best known shops around the world that offer women an almost endless array of sexy bras, thongs, corsets, teddies, silky robes and a whole lot more. Just because you don’t own a naughty piece of lingerie hanging in your armoire does not mean you can’t be wearing one for your personal boudoir assignment. Every woman can create her inner vixen, even if it’s only for a two-hour photo session.

Most women go alone to their photo session, but some ask a good girlfriend to tag along for support and ideas on styling. It helps calm the jitters before the camera starts snapping away. Some might choose to indulge in a little bubbly on the side; a number of women find a glass of wine or champagne gives them a little confidence boost before they pose for the camera.

If you’re not totally comfortable with boudoir photography, you might want to call a portrait photographer instead.

Following your boudoir photo experience, now what do you do with those delicious snapshots? You can arrange them in a special album for your partner or frame and hang a few in your home. That is all up to you and yours.

Doing something out of your comfort zone is not always easy, but the results are certainly worth it. So, smile and relax. You’re engaging in something that will capture your heart and your partner’s for a very long time.

Las Vegas boudoir photography is an empowering experience for women. It can be transformational and timeless.

Why would you take boudoir pictures? Some of your friends might be wondering or asking you straight up. Even though you know very well why you want to do it, the explanation is more complicated and sometime intimate. The easiest answer is to say you will be celebrating you, at this stage of your life. You create a memory of how soft, strong, sensual and sexy you were.

Here are some tips you can use to make it memorable and stress free.
• Check sites with similar pictures to get inspiration. Create a Pinterest board and pin pictures you find attractive. You can’t think of everything, so why try to reinvent the wheel? Others have been doing it for generations in painting and pictures.

• Imagine your picture. How do you see it? What is required? Outdoors or indoors? High heels? Accessories? props?

• Choose erotic clothing that makes you feel sexy, not only look sexy. If something makes you look sexy but not feel it, the pictures won’t be as successful. A big part of a successful picture is what’s in your eyes.

• Lingerie should suit your body type, not only look good on a model.

• Let your own personality shine through.

• Create a memoir. Add something that has a meaning for you or your significant other.

Few days before the shoot
• If you wax, make sure you do it a few days before the shoot to let your body heal from the redness and bumpiness.
• Shape your eyebrows
• Cut and color your hair a few days before. Again, you have to like what you see and if you don’t you have some time to change it.
• Manicure and pedicure are in order.
• Drink plenty of water to ‘plump’ your skin. A dehydrated body looks dull.
• Exercise every day to help with the ‘definition’ of your muscles.
• Most photographers use professional make-up and hair people. They can see something in you that you haven’t noticed before. If you choose to do it by yourself, practice days before and educate yourself about colors and applications.

A day before the shoot
• Enjoy a bath and a good body moisturizer.
• No tight clothes the day before to avoid marks and indents.
• Plan for a good night sleep so you’ll look rested.
• Avoid alcohol. It dehydrates, can make your eyes red, interfere with your sleep and may make you look puffy.

The day of the shoot
• Use clear deodorant.
• Eat something light but filling that will hold you over the hours of the shoot.
• Clean and moisturized face and wash your hair.
• Relax. It’s normal to be a little nervous, but it might show up in your pictures. Bring something that makes you relax (A glass of wine at this stage is OK)
• Make-up is an absolute necessity. The HD cameras these days catch everything – every blemish, wrinkle, spot. Don’t even try to take some photos without make-up. You will be horrified by the results. Photography has its own logic, even your eyebrows can look scraggly when the light reflects off your skin rather than your eyebrows.
• Even if you have a specific look in mind, bring other clothes to the shoot. You might get inspired by something you see or have in the photographer’s studio.
• Bring a robe if you are planning on lingerie. It’s comfortable and you can be naked under it until the shoot itself and thus avoid marks. It will also serve you when they professional apply make-up and do your hair. Plus, you won’t get cold.

The most important advice? Have fun. It will show up in your boudoir pictures!