Celebrity Headshots

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As a Las Vegas headshot photographer, I’ve worked with many types of clients. When it comes to celebrities, they have very specific needs. Celebs need to think through their portraits before they get them taken, because they will be scattered across the web in a matter of days and sometimes even hours. Celebrities need to be careful not to offend, but to also make their photos as unique as possible.

Here are some amazing celebrity heashdots!


  1. jim carey celeb headshotEarly shot of Jim Carey, shared by Felicia Rick
  2. Arnold S headshot Arnold Schwarzenegger seeing New York City for the first time, shared by Felicia Rick
  3. angelina portrait photo Vintage headshot of Angelina Jolie
  4. Jennifer Lawrence Headshot Vintage headshot of Jennifer Lawrence
  5. Vintage Headshot of Chris Pratt Crazy headshot of Chris Pratt from his younger days!

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