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Photographs used to belong in photo albums and picture frames. Now, at the height of the electronic era and with the popularity of photo-sharing sites, photos have become more powerful and valuable. Be it for preserving memories or marketing products and services, photograph is the medium to go.

A photo can express anything you want and be used for whatever purpose. But of course, important occasions and projects require the skillful technique of a professional photographer. However, hiring a professional photographer can be tricky. Where do you look? How do you know if he is any good? What skills would you want him to possess? These questions are only some of the factors you should consider. Good thing, we summed up below how you can find a professional photographer you would not regret hiring.

Choose a photographer who is right for the job.
The first thing you must remember is that photography is a broad field with various categories. So, you must identify the type of photography you need. Is it for fashion, beauty, nature, product catalog, wildlife, or a wedding? Do not commit the mistake of assuming that a great photographer can do all sorts of photography. Just because a person is great with the camera does not mean that you should hire him. A pre-marriage photo shoot and product shooting, for instance, require different sets of skills. Take note of your purpose and the expertise you need on the table.

Search local and online listings.
Decide if you want to hire a local or national photographer. Most photographers maintain websites or pages in social media sites. You can check them out. You can also check around your area for local photographers as they offer more competitive prices and are more accessible. National professional photographers with high profile clients will fit larger projects, but for a more expensive rate. Get feedback from previous clients and online reviews, or ask recommendations from close friends and family.

Look at his portfolio.
A photographer’s portfolio is the window to his work as it showcases his skills, style, and technique. It will enlighten you whether his work matches the requirements you set. You would want his portfolio to demonstrate strong creativity. Pay attention to the quality of his images. Overall, is it consistently high-quality or just mediocre?

Ask important questions.
Find out about the price. The services of a professional photographer cost. Meet with your prospect photographers and compare the packages they offer. With that, you can weigh your options and ensure that you stay within your budget. Just remember, the cheapest is not always the most practical.
Learn about the digital editing services they use and other post-production details. Do they print the photos in high resolution or low resolution? Do you have proof approval? Also, ask about your rights. Photographers own the rights to the photos they take and have specific policies on sharing and posting digital proofs. But you can negotiate with them if you want to buy the rights to the photos.

Demand a written proposal.
Once you have shortlisted photographers, ask them to submit a written proposal. It will require additional work, but it will give you more idea on how professional they are. This will be beneficial as the photographer will be compelled to come up with the specifications, detailed price quotes, and most organized system of shooting.
The secret really is to know what you want and have patience to look until you find the most suitable professional photographer for the job.

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